New books

    • Karina Lykke Grand, Lise Pennington, Anne-Mette Thomsen (eds.)
    • GULD – Treasures from the Danish Golden Age
    • Systime, 2013.
    • The Danish Golden Age (ca. 1800-1850) was a time in Denmark where society, the population, and not least art, was altered. The middle classes gained power, democracy was introduced, and the absolute monarchy fell. But the era also offered the development of new inventions: the steamship, the steam locomotive, photographic devices, the telegraph, etc. Wars and economic crises also belong in the complete picture of the Golden Age. It was in this changeable zeitgeist that the creative, scientific and political classes in the country were able to change, develop and remodel Denmark. The painters, authors and poets had a lot on their chests; just as the worlds of music, ballet and theatre also flourished. In this creative space, where many artistic activities took place, bonds were formed between artists, politicians and scientists. Consequently, the artists depicted a Denmark from the visions concocted by politicians. This also meant that the artists had their eyes on the technological developments and that they depicted the central characters standing behind these innovations. The book shows how art was involved in playing a leading role where finding new directions was concerned. The artists got to grips with painting steamships, drawing locomotives, painting factories, and making portraits of politicians of the age while depicting Danish nature with a new vision. Via drawings and paintings the book shows how the artists experimented, turned against traditions and displayed artistic courage and curiosity. The book wishes to expand and challenge our existing view of the Golden Age by modifying our preferred and set ways of perceiving the art of the Golden Age.